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What is Snupol?








Who is Snupol?

Two entrepreneurs with different skillsets founded Snupol LLC in January of 2013. Since then, the team has grown to eight people with focuses ranging from web server configuration to real estate development. Many of the team members are college students who share the common goal of saving students money on textbooks.

Do you see yourself being a part of our amazing team? Check out our jobs page or contact us here for more information.




What is Snupol?

Snupol.com is a website that helps you buy textbooks for less money and sell textbooks for more money. In addition to a price comparison feature between Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Better World Books, Chegg, and eBay, you will have access to an online marketplace filled with books being sold by your classmates. Join now, it's free.

When is Snupol?

Whenever you want. Ideally, you will search for the books you need at the beginning of the semester and you will post the books you would like to sell at the end of the semester. Feel free to use our price comparison feature whenever you purchase books outside of your required textbook list (yeah right).

Where is Snupol?

Why is Snupol?

Snupol was created so that we (the team) could save money on textbooks. We're just nice enough to let you use it.

How is Snupol?

Snupol is doing well today, thanks for asking.